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If any albums/games are missing, please press CTRL+F5 first before reporting! The latest update was 8th May 2021 (added 18 full game).

This is a sorter for ZUN's Touhou (and other) songs. Pick your sources, and hit the Start button.
Click on the song you like better from the two, or tie them if you like them equally or don't know them.

If you pick a lot of sources expect to spend many hours, especially if you don't use many ties.

The original Highly Responsive to Prayers tracks are not included.

If you use Discord and play Touhou games, why not check out TouhouRPC?
It will dynamically update your Discord status with your progress in-game. Get it here!

If there are any issues, such as missing videos, you can:
- check out the github
- contact me by email or Discord (relick#5305)

- relick